Neuro Therapeutic Yoga DVD
Neuro Therapeutic Yoga DVD



10 years in the making, this DVD combines a wealth of experience and cutting edge research. Appropriate for people with MS, Parkinson, post-stroke and cognitive conditions. This Yoga practice has helped many people with core strength and balance, while reinforcing practical skills to quiet and focus mental and emotional fluctuation.

NeuroTherapeuticYoga is also recommended by Jeff Bronstein, MD, Ph.D., Director of Movement Disorders UCLA

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"I credit my balance, dexterity, strength, calm and endurance in my daily living
to Ms. Carroll's inspiring individualized teaching."
-Dena S.

"NTY has improved my strength, balance and flexibility to where I no longer need assistance.
Any anxiety has been replaced with calm and acceptance. I focus on breathing which
allows me to go deeper - connecting with my authentic self."
-Kermit Clements

“I’ve been privileged to work with Colleen in her Neuro Therapeutic Yoga class for Parkinson’s disease.  
It makes a difference when you’re working with a person who’s current with research and advances in the field.
I believe that anyone with Parkinson’s disease would experience positive results."
-Jennifer Andrews, Ph.D.

"Yoga and regular exercise can improve the quality of life for patients with Parkinson's
and other neurologic problems, but also might even delay or slow the progression of the disease.
Several of my patients have attended Colleen's program and benefited greatly."
-Jeff Bronstein, MD, Ph.D, Dir. of Movement Disorders & Professor of Neurology, UCLA