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The present moment is the perfect opportunity to renew our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, so what better time than right now to take a deep breath, lengthen your spine and exhale?

A simple, mindful moment reminds us how fortunate we are that the philosophy of yoga has so many solutions, validates our natural instincts, and is built on principles of adaptation and balance.

Just as it is natural and instinctive to respond to triple digit weather by slowing down and seeking cool and quiet, it is also natural to seek more expansive activity in colder weather. Yoga has a tool box of simple ways to move, breathe, think and act so we cultivate the opposite of what is taking us away from comfort and contentment.

But first, just take that breath. Then give yourself credit – you did yoga!   

Leading meditation for Health Equity Conference

Leading meditation for Health Equity Conference

Certified Yoga Therapist/Health Educator/Lifestyle Educator

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Yoga Therapist Trainer, Meditation Teacher

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